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And when she knows what she wants from her time...

... And when she wakes up and makes up her mind

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Name:DI Alex Drake
Birthdate:Apr 20, 1973
this profile contains spoilers for the final episode of ashes to ashes

The Story:

Detective Inspector Alex Drake is a police psychologist with the Metropolitan Police in London. A single mother living a simple and somewhat fulfulling life, Alex comes across the file of DCI Sam Tyler, a police officer from Manchester who, before committing suicide, had claimed to travel to 1973 while in a coma.

Facinated with Sam's story, Alex become enamoured with his experiences. During an expected hostage situation, Alex is shot in the head, and finds herself awakening in 1981, and working with the Met once again, this time with the same team Sam Tyler claimed to know in his time in 1973. Convinced she had somehow adopted his fantasies and made them her own, and positive she is in a coma in 2008 and fighting for her life, Alex struggles with the challenges of living in a different time while still doing all the can to survive, to wake up, and to find her way back to her daughter.
The Truth:

There are stories of a world in-between - a purgatory, if you will - where injured and comatose coppers find themselves. Many psychologists consider this a coping mechanism that the brain develops, a defense to keep itself alive in times of terminal crisis. Those of a deeper belief wonder if it is world made for conflicted souls, a place where the tortured and confused can go to sort themselves before they are ready to move onto a world beyond. The only person to "come back" from this world and still, by all accounts, willingly terminate his life in order to return to it was Sam Tyler. He was convinced this world was real. Of course, considering what he did, he must have been mad.

As for DI Alex Drake, she was pronounced dead at 9:06am, due to complications from a gunshot wound to the head. She is survived by her daughter, Molly Drake, and her godfather, Evan White.
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Sam Tyler: The number of accidents on duty actually tripled after Alex Drake started seeing officers after traumatic events. ([info]sammytyler)

Sally Sparrow: being vaguely impressed by Alex Drake's alcoholism since 1982. ([info]pi_sparrow)
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